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July is beautiful with flowers from Wenke Greenhouses

I would guess that you're well into "summer mode".  For me, Michigan summers are what make surviving the Michigan winters tolerable.  Hopefully you can see the picture of me planting around my mailbox a few weeks ago.  I love coming home and seeing the beautiful explosion of color welcoming me back.  I've always wanted to try the Suntory Sun Parasol Mandevilla and this year it worked out.  It's really looking great!

Are you planning a BBQ with friends and want to quickly decorate your patio?  Or are your patio pots in need of a little pick-me-up?  Or maybe you now have the time to make that area next to the deck a little more appealing.  Whatever the reason, now is a great time to stop in at Wenke Greenhouses to find the plants to make it happen.  We're open all summer and look forward to having you stop by. 

Summer prices are here!  Baskets are all buy 1 get 1 free.  Baskets add instant beauty hanging from a porch or take the handle off and plant them in a patio pot for immediate impact.  Perennials are all 25% off.  New varieties arrive weekly and really look great.  For those who missed the cart sale which started early this year, we decided to keep a few racks of product so we could keep the cart sale going through Saturday, July 7th.  Fill your shopping cart for only $30. 

Your plants will really thank you if you give them a little fertilizer.  Free liquid, ready-to-use fertilizer is always available at Wenke Greenhouses.  Bring your own jugs and fill up!

Our summer hours are Monday - Saturday 9 - 6.  We'll be closed the 4th of July.  Our last official Good Neighbor Day was mid June but we do have some extra plants from the cart sale available.  If you're a local, not-for-profit organization and would like some impatiens or other flowers to beautify your location, please let me know.  lisa@wenkegreenhouses.com and retailinfo@wenkegreenhouses.com

Lisa Ambrosio

Wenke Greenhouses

Where the Earth Laughs in Flowers!




MSU Extension Free Classes this Summer

If you enjoy learning more about plants and gardening, you're sure to enjoy these free classes from the MSU Master Gardeners in Kalamazoo County.  Classes take place outdoors at the Giving Garden located on the corner of Sprinkle & Kilgore.  Parking is behind Humphrey Products.  Classes are from 9:30 to 11:30.  For more information, contact JC Schneider at 269-668-6686 or jcskazoo@gmail.com.


Saturday, July 7th - Water in the Garden.  Home irrigation & mulch methods to save work, reduce diseases and conserve water. 


Saturday, August 4th - Good Bugs & Bad Bugs in the Garden.  Plus a bug walk to see which bugs are in the garden. 


Classes are held rain or shine.  Bring your own chair. 

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Fertilizing Over the Summer

Your plants will thank you if you give them some fertilizer this summer!  Keep your plants looking their best and growing strong by adding fertilizer every 2-4 weeks this summer.  Free liquid fertilizer is always available at Wenke Greenhouses.  Bring in your own milk jugs or cat litter jugs or something with a top and fill up with our ready-to-use fertilizer.  It's the same kind we use in the greenhouse and your plants will love it! 

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Rain Gardens

You may not recognize a rain garden even if you see one.  Rain Gardens trap runoff water, filter water and look lovely.  If you missed our Quick Class on rain gardens, you can still learn more by reading this article. 

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