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Summer at Wenke Greenhouses

So what does a person who works at a garden center do when it's super warm outside and even warmer inside the greenhouse?  I hope you have an opportunity to check out our Facebook page to find out.  Or just look at the article below on our new Gardens 2 Go.  I have really been impressed with all the fun videos and more that our team put together to inspire you.  It's a little zany but that fits our motto - "Where the Earth Laughs in Flowers!"

For more fun, I'd also like to invite you to the first Garden Hop Scavenger Hunt.  See the article below for details.  When I was called and asked about helping to sponsor this event I thought, "What a great idea! That's something I'd like to do." 

On a different note, this Saturday, August 4th - MSU Extension is hosting a class called Good Bugs & Bad Bugs in the Garden.  Plus a bug walk to see which bugs are in the garden.  Classes held rain or shine.  Bring your own chair.  Classes take place at the outdoors Giving Garden located on the corner of Sprinkle & Kilgore behind Humphrey Products.  The Wenke Quick Classes will be starting again Thursday, August 23rd.  The first topic is on vegetable gardening with cold crops for the fall. 

There are some beautiful annuals available now to help freshen up a patio pot or a flower bed that maybe got a little too hot and dry this summer.  Fall mums are just starting to arrive.  And perennials are still 25% off - even the beautiful, larger than average ones that came in recently. 

If you're looking for a place to host a garden club or a book club or any other type of meeting, consider Wenke Greenhouses as an option.  We haven't really done this before but the idea came up because we have so many beautiful flowers and open space that it just seems like a good idea.  Our location is also a potential option for local not-for-profit groups that might want to hold a car wash or a haunted house or more.  If you're interested, send me an email at lisa@wenkegreenhouses.com

Happy Summer!

Lisa Ambrosio

Wenke Greenhouses

Where the Earth Laughs in Flowers


Look Out! Japanese Beetles! (Popilia japonica)

Japanese Beetle season is upon us.  If you have noticed the foliage slowly disappearing from your plants, you may have a problem with these bugs.  Are you ready to protect your garden?

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Gardens 2 Go Now Available at Wenke Greenhouses

Do you want your husband to pick something up for you on his way home from work?  Or is it too hot to think about getting out of your air-conditioned car?  Or maybe you haven't changed out of your pajamas yet.  Gardens 2 Go is the solution for you!  Pull into our convenient parking spots and we'll do the shopping for you while you sit back and relax in the air conditioning of your car.

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Common Ground Garden Hop

Are you looking for some summer fun while learning about the community's gardens? Try the new this summer Garden Hop August 10-20, 2010. 

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