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The End of the Fall Season at Wenke Greenhouses

Yesterday was a bittersweet day for me.  It was sad because I pulled out the lantana and other annuals I had around the mailbox.  They were looking good until just recently when it got cold one night.  The lantana specifically were outstanding!  I did enjoy planting another color of the Cool Wave Pansies along with some daffodil and allium bulbs.  I'm told that the scent from the bulbs will help keep the deer away from the pansies so I thought I would give it a try.  (The deer in my neighborhood think of my house as a bed-n-breakfast.) 

Fall is a difficult transition for me because I am not a cold weather person.  (I'm guessing that I am not the only one).  My brother and his family recently moved back to Kalamazoo after living in California for over 20 years.  The cold weather mixed with lots of rain this fall may have made them question once or twice about why they left a  climate where petunias are perennials.  But then I see the Facebook post from my nephew about the awesome color from the changing leaves and I am reminded about the beauty that us "Native Michiganders" sometimes take forgranted.  Even raking leaves on a day as nice as yesterday can be an uplifting experience. 

So the season is coming to a close but it's not there yet!  Take advantage of our end of season sales for some great fall color now and to get ready for spring.  All perennials and shrubs are currently buy 2 get 1 free.  Spring flowering bulbs are still buy one get one 50% off.  And now through the rest of the season, use the coupon attached to get $10 off a $30 purchase.  Now is actually a great time to plant and a rainy day is the best day to stop in and brighten your spirits with colorful flowers from Wenke Greenhouses! 

Our retail store will be closing for the season after Saturday, November 3rd.  This is our second season without poinsettias and other Christmas items and we certainly do miss it.  Thank you for a terrific spring, summer and fall season and we look forward to seeing you again in Spring 2013. 

Lisa Ambrosio

Wenke Greenhouses

Where the Earth Laughs in Flowers!

P.S.  Now is a great time to take some notes about what plants worked well for you, what did not and where they were planted.  The unusually hot summer made it a great year for some plants - like lantana - but a difficult year for others.  It's important to us to know how the plants performed for you so we welcome feedback.  Send me an email at lisa@wenkegreenhouses.com or post something on the Wenke Greenhouses Facebook page. 


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