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Its a New Year!!!

It's January...and winter in Michigan! By now, we are already missing the abundant colors and foliage that surrounded our house and yards just a few short months ago.  And though we can't go outside, we gardeners have plenty to do to keep us entertained until the snow melts, the frost is gone and warmer days return. 

*  Clean and restore your garden tools.  Simply wash off dirt, lightly scrub off rust with steel wool pad (please wear gloves), rub a little vegetable oil or lubricating oil on metal to keep from rusting, sand tool handles and repaint, and store in a dry safe place.

*  Make a list of your plants -annuals, perennials, roses, shrubs and vegetables.  Which ones did well last season?  Which ones will you plant again?  Which ones had "problems" ?  What new plants and vegetables do you want to add?  What colors do you want this year?   

*Read, read, read......this is a great time to catch up on reading your gardening magazines, books and past Wenke Greenhouse e-news articles!

 *  Plan or re-design your garden layout. 

*  Make a list of perennials you want to divide and who you want to give them to.

* Make a bird feeder.  If you have plenty of these, fill them up with the left over nuts and berries from your holiday cooking/baking.  Many, many colorful species (cardinals, goldfinches, snow buntings and sparrows) are just waiting to brighten your landscape.


 These are just a few things to enjoy as we wait for winter to pass!  If you have any suggestions or tips you would like to share with us, please contact us on Facebook or email becky@wenkegreenhouses.com.



Becky Soviak

Retail Manager



New Year's Resolutions

According to several news articles about 40-45 percent of Americans take part in the annual ritual of setting a New Year's Resolution.  I, too, have joined in this tradition which is said to have started as far back as in Julius Cesears time.  Unfortunately, only about 8% actually keep this promise.  As I was thinking of what I could do this year to be successful in keeping mine, I came across a copy of Dear Abby's Resolution.....this one I can keep!

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