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New Variety & Wine Tasting at Wenke Greenhouses

One of my favorite events of the year is the New Variety & Wine Tasting.  It's a pleasure sharing the information about the new varieties that our staff finds interesting while, at the same time, sampling local wines.  Some people come for the plant information and others come for the wine.  Either way, it's an enjoyable evening and we hope you can join us.  Friday, April 26th between 6 and 8 PM.  (Please register at www.wenkegreenhouses.com or call 269-388-2266.  You must be a Garden Reward Member and 21 years old to participate.  No charge.  Event is at the store located on the corner of Sprinkle & Market)

Quick Classes continue every Thursday from 6-7 PM.  This week (April 25th) is a class on Garden Design and next week (May 2nd) is Heat Loving Vegetables - Tomatoes, Peppers & the Rest.  The classes are free but pre-registration is appreciated www.wenkegreenhouses.com.  The full schedule is also available on the website. 

"Just Looking" is a great way to start.  We welcome people who are not ready to plant yet but want to look around and get ideas.  Our motto is "Where the Earth Laughs in Flowers" because we know that flowers bring happiness.  So, yes, it may be too early to plant everything right now, but it's not too early to get inspired and refreshed for the spring season.  Stop in and enjoy!

Lisa Ambrosio

Wenke Greenhouses


Supercal is Michigan Tough

I like to compare Supercal to Superman.  Both are super tough.  Yes, Superman can fly through the air but his weekness is Kryptonite.  Supercal will stand up strong to anything you can throw at it.   Supercal has become one of my favorite plants because it just keeps looking great all summer long. 

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Custom Planting Available

Would you like someone else to plant your container gardens?  If you enjoy the beauty but would prefer to have someone else do the planting, we can help.  Michele is an expert container garden person and is happy to plant for you too.  She can help you select the plants if you want or you can just tell her what you're looking for.  She's the expert! 

Another great benefit is that we can keep them warm and get them off to a good start in our greenhouse so they look spectacular when you get them home.  Bring your own containers in or select from one of the many new options we have available.  Garden Reward Members get free soil in their custom containers. 


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Contessa Winery

Here is more about the Contessa Winery our partner for our New Variety & Wine Tasting......

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Digitalis Featured

Stunning digitalis in gallon pots will really spice up your garden in the early spring.  As the featured perennial, it's now buy one get one free! 

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