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Mother's Day and Wenke Greenhouse Go Together

Mother's Day has traditionally been the time when people in Kalamazoo think about getting their flowers as well as getting something for Mom.  Hanging baskets are extra popular because they add color instantly.  I wish I knew how many people actually used the baskets for hanging compared to removing the hangers and planting in a pot.  I had the opportunity to go to a Kentucky Derby party and noticed the beautiful Lemon Slice Calibrachoa in two large planters at the front door planted from baskets recently.  They were certainly inviting! 

For Mom, baskets are a beautiful gift.  I always enjoy the stories from people about the tradition of getting their mother a specific basket for Mother's Day.  Sometimes I get to hear about how the basket looked great all summer or the bird's nest that came to be in the basket or trying to figure out what the variety was as described by the husband sent to pick up a specific basket - these are all some of the many reasons I enjoy my job.  Flowers do bring happiness! 

If you're not sure what she would like, consider a gift certificate.  This week, get a free 4" decorated plant to present with a $50 gift certificate. And new this year are cut flower bouquets available at Wenke Greenhouses. 

Many have expressed an interest in the Top Secret Test Plant program new this year.  Learn more about trialing an assortment of new varieties in the article below.  Plants will be avialable the week of May 13th.  We're excited about this because it will help us to learn more about how the plants we sell actually perform for you which is really important to all of us at Wenke Greenhouses. 

Looking forward to seeing you!

Lisa Ambrosio

Wenke Greenhouses

Where the Earth Laughs in Flowers!

Top Secret Test Plants

James Bond has ‘Q’ – the inventor of the coolest top secret gadgets, the plant world now has the Wenke Greenhouse Top Secret Test Plants program! Kalamazoo area gardeners can sign up at Wenke Greenhouses to test and evaluate the newest spring flowers - all very hush-hush. S’hhhhhh

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Irresistible Cityline and Let's Dance Hydrangeas

We LOVE these new hydrangeas - they rebloom so more color - they are compact and do not get 'floppy' - and they are EASY to grow! We think you will love them too.....

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Current Sales

Looking for a great deal?  Consider these:

  • 4.3" Magellan Zinnia - 10 pots for only $10 (must buy flat of 10).  Reg. price $2.99 per pot.  Remember the heat we had last summer?  Magellan are known for their superb performance in hot & dry areas. 


  • 6 pack of Wave Petunias - 2 packs for only $12.  Reg. price is $9.99 per 6 pk.  Waves Petunias are the top brand of spreading petunias.  They work great as a landscape item or in a patio pot. 

  • 10" herb or salad bowls - $7.99 each.  Reg. $11.99 - $14.99.  Enjoy the fresh flavor of harvesting your own herbs or lettuce from your patio.  Ready to Eat and delicious. 

  • 1 gal Foxglove (Digitalis) - Buy 1 get 1 free!  Reg. $17.99 each.  Foxglove are a stunning perennial that do best in the part-sun.  Deer resistance is an added bonus.  (Sale is going on currently and will continue while supplies last)

Sale prices start Thursday, May 9th and will continue for one week or while supplies last. 

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KwikKombo - fast - instant gardens

Finally a great solution for busy people - KwikKombos are designed by garden professionals to make beautifying your home easy! KwikKombo is a pre-done garden so take the guesswork out of garden design. One and done!

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