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A Perfect Weekend for Gardening from Wenke Greenhouses

I sorta felt like a movie star yesterday.  I suppose that is because in some ways I was.  Yesterday was the day we recorded several new videos about some of my favorite plants.  I'm not an actress and it was pretty warm, but when you get me talking about the plants I like, it's easy to forget about the camera.  Hollywood won't be calling anytime soon but hopefully the videos we're making will provide a bit more information and some inspiration on the new plants that are really great.   Check out the one we made last year in the Sunpatiens article below. 

Tomorrow's quick class is Create Your Own Container Garden - class & optional workshop.  Next Thursday, May 30th is The ABC's of Roses.  Classes are free and are every Thursday from 6-7 PM.  Register on www.wenkegreenhouses.com or call 269-388-2266. 

It should be a perfect weekend for gardening.  The weather is predicted to be just right and the holiday will hopefully give you a bit more time.  Plus we have several terrific specials.  Memorial Day wekeend has been the traditional time for many of us in Michigan to plant.  It's also a great time to decorate a gravestone for someone you loved.  We'll be open on Memorial Day from 10-4. 

Specials:  $5 off each hanging basket with coupon - no limit on quantity, geraniums are buy 2 get 1 free, all ready-made container gardens are 25% off and 10" Tomato and Pepper plants are $11.99 (reg. $16.99).  Clematis is the featured perennial - 25% off. 


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Lisa Ambrosio

Wenke Greenhouses

Where the Earth Laughs in Flowers



SunPatiens -Easiest Flower for Sunny Spots

Sunpatiens are potentially the perfect plant.  They're amazing in the landscape, versatile and easy to grow.  If you plant them around your mailbox, be prepared for your neighbors to be asking you to help them with their landscaping too.  Sunpatiens have only been available a couple of years but they have quickly become one of the most popular plants with landscapers.  They're one of my favorites too! 

Recently, the Gazette did an article about the problem with downy mildew on impatiens.  It has not been an issue in Kalamazoo so far but it has impacted other areas of the country.  The good news is that Sunpatiens do well in the shade too and are not suseptible to downy mildew.  They may be a good alternative to consider.   Take a look at the video for more information. 

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Hanging Basket Coupon

Get $5 off each hanging basket. It's ok to buy more baskets and use the coupon for each one. Good now through May 31, 2013. Code #96

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Container Gardening Guideline

Container Gardens are extremely popular for their instant beauty, ease of growing and versatility.  Planting in the ground can sometimes feel like work.  But planting container gardens is just plain fun.  Container gardens are relatively easy - just a few basic things to remember. 

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Iris Society Flower Show

Stop at Wenke Greenhouses on Friday, May 24th between 1 and 6 PM to see the exhibit of exquisite iris flowers.  The Iris Society is having a contest that will be judged earlier in the day.  By 1, the flowers from the contest will be available for us to admire and enjoy.  See if you agree with the judges and select your favorites.  People from the Iris Society will also be available to help answer questions about this wonderful perennial. 

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