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My family and I were recently in New York at an arcade place where the kids tried their luck on the game where you spin a wheel and see what happens.  They were thrilled when they got a thousand tickets and eventually earned a lava lamp!  Why do I mention this, you ask?  I"m guessing you might have a good time spinning the new "Wheel of Fun" at Wenke Greenhouses.  We don't have any lava lamps to win but you could win a discount off your purchase or maybe a free hanging basket.  It's brought smiles to many faces this summer.  Come on in and give it a try!

We hope your plants are thriving this summer.  The weather has been so much more comfortable for both the plants and all of us as compared to last year.  Remember fertilizer to keep your plants healthy and happy.  Free, liquid fertilizer is always available at Wenke Greenhouses.  Bring your own jug. 

The summer is when many perennials are looking their best both in the garden and at our store.  We just got in several new items that are looking great.  All our shrubs including Rose of Sharon, Roses, hydrangea, etc... are 25% off.  Daylilies are also 25% off. 

So as you're driving down Sprinkle Road, we'd love to have you make a quick stop in to see us and try your luck on our Fortune Wheel.  And if the traffic is backed up due to the road construction, the back roads are really pretty easy to navigate.  Hope to see you soon. 

Lisa Ambrosio

Wenke Greenhouses

Where the Earth Laughs in Flowers!

Daylilies - Also known as Hemerocallis

Daylilies - the perfect perennial.  Perfection is a pretty high standard but I think you might agree that this plant comes pretty close to meeting that definition.  Their real name is Hemerocallis but that just does not sound as pleasant as "Daylily".  They're called the perfect perennial because they seem to thrive everywhere they are planted with very little care and come in several colors.  A fun fact is that each bloom usually only lasts for a day and then it is replaced with a new flower.  Most varieties bloom for about 6 weeks but some of the newer varieties have a "second blooming period". 

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Rose of Sharon

So I have been familiar with Rose of Sharon and have known how beautiful they are for quite some time.  What I didn't know before this article was the history. 

First about the plant....This flowering shrub is really a must have in Kalamazoo because they're heat tolerant, deer resistant and bloom from mid-summer until well into the fall.  Many people like to use them as a summer "privacy fence".  Rose of Sharon are part of the hibiscus family which have these amazingly beautiful flowers.  They are currently available in several colors and are now 30% off.

Now about the history....  I wanted to do just a bit of research on this plant for this article.  What I found surprised me.  This plant has an interesting history from the Bible to The Grapes of Wrath to songs and more.  I copy/pasted the Wikipedia article into the read more section for your reading pleasure. 

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Top Secret Test Plants

For those of you who participated in our Top Secret Test Plant program, please remember to share your information at www.topsecrettestplants.com.  I have been trialing all the new varieties this summer and have found some that I really like and some that I don't think will make the cut.  I sure would like to get your input too!  We're making our variety decisions for next year right now and how the plants perform in the garden is one of our first priorities in variety selection. 

If you have comments on the performance of any of your plants - new test plants or any plants - I encourage you to email me at lisa@wenkegreenhouses.com



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