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Rose Expo, Fall Decorating and Simply Salad at Wenke Greenhouses

When asked what their favorite flower is, many people mention the rose.  And for good reason.  Roses are beautiful!  That's why we're happy to host the Rose Expo at Wenke Greenhouses on Saturday, September 21st.  It's a competition for those that enjoy a friendly contest.  For many, it's just a fun way to see different types of rose flowers and learn about growing roses in their own yard.  More details in the article below.  We hope you can stop in on Saturday and enjoy the show!

Fall is a great time for planting.  In many ways, it's an even better time to plant than in the spring.  So take advantage of the cooler temperatures along with the 25% off savings on all perennials & shrubs at Wenke Greenhouses.  Mums are a favorite for fall decorating and the ones in the parking lot are on sale 8 for $18.  It's a great deal and quick way to show your fall colors or to spruce up for guests.


Hope to see you soon.

Lisa Wenke Ambrosio

Wenke Greenhouses - Where the Earth Laughs in Flowers!



Rose Expo Saturday, September 21

Be a competitor, a student or a guest.  All are welcome to join us this Saturday.  We're excited to host this Rose Expo sponsored by the SW Michigan Celebration of Roses, an affiliate of the American Rose Society.  From 10-1, entries are received.  From 1-3, the roses will be "judged" and discussed.  From 1-6, everyone is welcomed to view (and smell!) the beautiful roses. 

From 1-3 will be a great time to learn more about roses from people who really know about roses.  People will be voting on their favorite roses and discussing what makes them great.  You'll also have an opportunity to ask questions about the best varieties, the best growing practices, and more.  Feel free to bring in a rose from your garden to ask a question about.  (A picture may also be helpful if asking questions about a problem.)

And if you're proud of the roses in your garden, consider entering the competition.  You never know - you might just win!  Details in "read more" section. 

For everyone who just thinks roses are beautiful, we invite you to stop in and enjoy! 


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Fresh Lettuce Tastes Better - Simply Salad

I must admit, I am not a vegetable gardener.  But growing lettuce is so easy and quick that it's hard to think of it as "gardening".  And the taste of lettuce when it's picked fresh from the plant is so much better it's really not a comparison.  It's bolder and richer. 

I have come to really enjoy eating salads with the lettuce straight from the plant on my deck.  I just snap a few leaves off, rinse, pat dry and then add my favorites.  I'm a fan of pineapple, feta cheese and tomatoes but the choices are endless. 

The best part is that I no longer have to throw away the pre-mixed lettuce that I just bought at the store a few days earlier because it's turned to mush.  Fresh is so much better. 

The cool season of fall is a great time to try having a fresh lettuce garden on your deck.  They're called Simply Salad and they're simply great!

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Fall Decorating is the Most Fun

The time had come.  My spring flowers were just not looking great in the patio pots on my deck.  Truth be told, I was also just ready for a change.  So it felt really good when I pulled the spring flowers out and refreshed with new, fall colors.  Fall decorating is really one of the most fun times for me.  I enjoy the colors.  It's almost as good as having the kids go back to school! 

I only changed the flowers on my deck so far.  It's not a big area but it was just enough to make me feel connected again.  There are so many choices for fall.  Mums are a standard.  Consider adding some pansies or Supercal for some extra color.  Or add the texture of ornmental kale or millet.  All the plants I selected can take temperatures down to freezing so I get to enjoy them well past Halloween. 

The front door and the mailbox will be next.  Take a look at these pictures found on Pinterest for some ideas.  I can't wait! 

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