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Put Spring in your Step at Wenke Greenhouses!

I'm itching for the warmer weather to arrive so I can finally start gardening again, but because there are more frosts to come I know I must be cautious. Soon I will begin planting some of my container gardens which can easily be moved under cover any time there is danger of frost. One thing I have learned is that quality potting soil is essential to get the best results from my plants in a container garden. A good potting soil mix is one that is fluffy, holds moisture, and gives plant roots the perfect balance of air, moisture, nutrition, and anchor. Roots need air, as well as water, to grow. If the potting mix is too dense or too wet, plant roots will be stunted or even die. 

When it comes to container gardening, I strongly recommend our Wenke Blend soil because it has the best ratio of peat, perlite and other ingredients that the plants need. No fertilizer is added to the mix so you can add your own based on the plants you are using. Read more about Wenke Blend below and learn why our customers love it!

Wenke Greenhouses is now open Mon thru Sat 9am-6pm with a wonderful assortment of cheerful spring annuals, perennials and vegetables. We invite you to stop in to get your first real glimpse of spring. Beginning April 18th, the store will be fully stocked with our full selection of spring/summer favorites.

We have a wonderful selection of locally grown Easter Lilies and other beautiful plants available for Easter gift giving or to fill your home with amazing fragrance. And for those who want to liven up their gardens and patios before the "official" frost-free dates of spring, the Senetti collection is our cool-season superstar! Senetti looks great all by itself in a single container or up the wow factor by planting in a combo container with other cool season favorites! 1 gallon containers now $9.99.

Join us this Saturday, April 12th at 10:00 AM for a free tour of our production greenhouse. See how we sow and germinate the seeds, transplant into pots and baskets and grow the beautiful plants you see at our retail store. The walking tour takes about an hour and it’s all indoors so no need to worry about the weather. Families, gardeners, husbands and all interested people are welcome to join us. The production greenhouse is located at 2525 North 30th Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49048. We're close to Echo Valley and Robert Morris Park. Please register on our website at www.wenkegreenhouses.com or call 269-388-2266.

Soon the sunshine and blossoms will beckon and it will finally be time to start digging in the garden. We look forward to helping you make it your best gardening year ever!

Laura Valence

Wenke Greenhouses

Where the Earth Laughs in Flowers



Plant Lenten Rose for Early Spring Color

Lenten Rose is our featured perennial and is now 25% off until April 22nd. Regular price $21.99 to $27.99.

Looking for a shade perennial to plant for some early spring color? Lenten Rose, also known as Hellebores, is one of the earliest shade loving perennials to flower in the spring. 

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Celebrate with an Easter Lily

The Easter Lily, the traditional time-honored flower of Easter, is highly regarded as a symbol of beauty, hope, and life.  The large, trumpet shaped, fragrant white flowers make a meaningful gift that embodies the very essence of the celebration of Easter.  Whether you plan to give potted plants as a gift or to decorate your home, we have a great selection of Easter Lilies and other beautiful plants for Easter available this spring. 

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Get the dirt on our soil!

What our customers have to say about Wenke Blend...

"I have gardened for over 20 years and used a ton of dirt for mixing pots and I have NEVER seen/used anything like Wenke’s dirt.  It is so light and fluffy and even when it gets wet, it does not pack down hard on the roots like some dirt.  It is the only dirt I will ever buy from now on, so PLEASE don’t stop making it."

"I have pots lined up against my house and the heavy rains always made a mess of my pots throwing dirt all over my house and all in my rockbed!.  Not Wenke’s dirt!  It stays put in the pot and no mess on the house or the rocks.    Unreal!"  

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Cool Weather Vegetables

As it gets warmer and we have more sunny days, I can almost taste all those fresh vegetables from my garden. While it is still too early to plant some vegetables, there are some varieties of veggies that tolerate, even love the cold. They thrive in early spring’s cold soil temperatures, frost or even snow. Most of these grow great in containers as well as in the garden. And they have two growing seasons! While cold-crops will not withstand the heat of the mid-summer months, they can be planted not only in the early-spring, but also in the fall! If you've never grown cold crops, or even if you've never grown any vegetables, we recommend giving cold crop gardening a try. It's an easy introduction to novice vegetable gardeners and it's a great way to extend the veggie gardening season for the summer-time farmers.

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Fundraising Opportunities

Earning money for your non-profit organization is easy with Wenke Greenhouses "Wenke Bucks."  We'd love to help your local organization! Certificates to Wenke Greenhouses are easy to sell and easy to manage. 

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