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The other day a customer and I were discussing perennials. She was looking for a perennial that blooms continuously all summer long. This got me to thinking….while there are several perennials that will bloom all season long, what I find most exciting about some of the more short lived perennials is that each one has their time to shine as the superstar of the garden - making their glorious entrance while creating both interest and change in the garden throughout the seasons! I am like a kid in a candy store watching for those first blossoms of each new scene in my garden, eagerly awaiting the ever-changing beauty that will continue throughout the coming seasons! 

Most of these perennials bloom only for a few weeks, but by choosing early- to late-season bloomers from among different varieties, you can have a continuous show of color from spring through fall. Truly great gardens evolve over the seasons, changing week after week, month after month. I truly get to enjoy each one as it has a chance to shine while the others are preparing their entry or resting after their show. A little time spent thinking about bloom times and placement can pay off tremendously.

Irises are still our featured perennial and are 25% off through June 11th. Right now, my irises are stealing the show in my garden- both the bearded and the siberian irises.

Wenke 1/2 gallon perennials are currently Buy 3 get 1 free.  Reg $5.49 each. These are the ones in the square yellow or gray pots. This is a great time to liven up and refresh your garden with some new perennials.

Join us on Saturday, June 7th for a couple of great events. At 11 am, we will be presenting our Terrarium Planting Workshop. In this class, you will create a terrarium to take home while learning the basic techniques needed to make additional ones in the future. Cost is $40. And then at 1pm the Southwest Michigan Celebration of Roses will be offering a free class teaching you how to have More Fun with Roses. Roses are the longest blooming of all outdoor, hardy plants in our area. And don't forget, rose plants make great Father's Day gifts. Some of the best rose growers and exhibitors are men. We really hope you can join us. 

Just in time for summer planting, we are offering a great coupon for $10 off a $40 purchase.  Click the link to print it out or it is also available on our website. Limit one per customer. And don't forget to stop in any time to get free fertilizer.  Bring your own container.  Fertilizer is the secret to beautiful flowers all summer long. 

Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

Laura Valence

Wenke Greenhouses

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Terrariums are one of the simplest ways to connect with nature and bring the beauty of the outdoors inside year round. A miniature world under glass, terrariums are fascinating and remarkably easy to create and maintain! It is so easy to grow terrarium plants in enclosed environments, because they need not be constantly watered or groomed.

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Hot, sunny and a bit dry? Those are perfect conditions for a big show of color from angelonia, a summer garden favorite.

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What's around your mailbox?

When I drive through my neighborhood or other neighborhoods, I find myself looking at mailboxes.  Well, it's not really the mailbox - it's more what's around the mailbox. 

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Sometimes an old, familiar plant is revitalized with new breeding, which is certainly the case with lantana. New varieties, like the Bandana series, have large flower clusters in an impressive range of vivid colors – hot cherry to apricot to sunrise-type color combos, sometimes all on one plant!

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Basil Lemonade

A great go-to summer lemonade recipe -- the basil adds a delicious twist. The recipe is perfect for a party as you can make non-alcoholic and alcoholic versions.

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