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What's Poppin' up in your Garden?

Weeds, weeds and more weeds....are they poppin' up in your garden?  It feels like the gardening task that never goes away!

There are some simple ways to try to win your war against weeds. Sometimes it helps to work WITH nature instead of against her.  I have found that simply adding more plants is very helpful.  Adding more perennials or ground cover gives less room for those pesky weeds to pop up.  In my garden I plant many plants close together so the weeds have much less room to grow. "Over-planting" can be a very effective tool to reduce weeding.

Also, it might help if you get to your weeding earlier in the season before they have a chance to set seeds. Weeding may seem like a daunting task, but done early it is one of the easier ways to manage the seed bank. But remember - we must dig up the weeds and remove the entire plant – roots and all. Removing only the top part is nothing more than pruning which will then allow the weeds to come back even heartier than ever.

And don't forget the value of mulch! Mulches are still one of the best ways to keep weeds from taking over your garden. Mulches will smother weed seeds, while cooling the soil and retaining moisture.

Current Specials:

Wenke 1/2 gallon perennials are still buy 3 get 1 free. Just look for the square yellow or gray containers.  This is an economical way to "over-plant" in the garden and work on keeping out those pesky weeds.

Ornamental grasses are 25% regular price. Ornamental grasses add movement to the garden and can be used almost anywhere.  The are beautiful in the spring, summer, winter and fall and can also provide seasonal interest during those long winter months. They are easy to care for and are unequaled for introducing texture into your garden.

Vegetables are still 25% off regular price while supplies last. There is still time to have the pleasure of eating that tomato that YOU grew in your own garden - getting your hands dirty, nurturing it and watching it grow.  Homegrown food not only nourishes the body it also feed the soul!

Annuals are now 20% off - this includes flats, individually potted annuals, container gardens and tropicals. (iexcludes hanging baskets and hostess gifts).

We still have a terrific selection of healthy plants available to choose from. Plus reward points keep accumulating with each purchase to use on your next visit! 

Looking forward to seeing you in the store!

Laura Valence

Wenke Greenhouses

Where the Earth Laughs in Flowers


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