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Backyard Bounty Bliss

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of growing your own produce! We have been reaping the rewards of all our hard work. Salsa made with all our homegrown tomatoes and peppers, BLT's and my favorite cucumber and onion salad! YUM! We have been enjoying our sweet corn and beans although, sadly, we are getting less beans than normal this year. All the hearty flavors of our freshly grown vegetables inspire us look for more ways to incorporate our homegrown produce into our daily menu. Eating healthy never tasted soooo good!

If you didn’t plant a garden this year, why not make plans for one next year? I recently heard about a website called SmartGardener.com, which is supposed to help you keep track of your garden and help you grow better, healthier plants. Planning, planting, caring for, and keeping track of a garden can be a lot of work - especially if you're a newer gardener so maybe this planner will help. It even reminds you when to fertilize and water!

Plan on stopping into Wenke Greenhouses this Saturday, August 16th, 2014 for the Festival of Flowers and Fragrance. Even if you don't have any roses to enter, this is a great opportunity to interact with others who grow roses and to learn about the many different types of roses that are currently available in the market place, many of which are very easy to grow, even for a beginner. Come, regardless of your experience or knowledge of roses, to join in the fun, and to see and smell the roses!

We now have even more roses for you. Right now, we have a fresh selection of own-root roses available for late summer and early fall planting. Own-root plants, although not widely available at most garden centers, generally perform better under difficult climate situations of temperature and rainfall extremes which we seem to be having lately. Read more about own-root roses vs grafted in the article below. 

If you missed the Iris Society Workshop last Saturday, I included some of the information they made available to us. August/September is the best time to divide and plant irises. We will also have bearded iris rhizomes available for sale through Saturday August 16th, 2014 at only $3.33 each. We still have a great selection available.

Recently, I have had a couple of customers mention they were having a hard time getting blossoms on their hydrangeas so I have included some information that may help.

As we swing into fall, check out our fresh selection of mums and fall accents plants as more will be arriving daily! Just got in a shipment of fresh perennials which are still 30% off. We have a great selection of fresh herb plants including all of your standard favorites..dill for your pickles and cilantro for your salsa! If you grow your own herbs, you’ll have a fresh supply always ready to be snipped, available all year if you grow them in your pots indoors too. 

Open Monday - Saturday 9 - 6 all the way till Christmas!  Lots of reasons to stop in! Be sure to like us on Facebook to keep up with sales and events in the store

We look forward to seeing you!

Laura Valence

Wenke Greenhouses

Where the Earth Laughs in Flowers


Grafted vs. Own-Root Roses, So What's the Big Deal?

By Joyce Latta

Most roses grown for sale to homeowners are produced by grafting the desired rose variety onto a rooted understock of a different rose variety, often Dr. Huey or Multiflora for northern climates, or fortuniana in southern or western climates. There are several reasons this is done:

Full Article...

Why Doesn't my Hydrangea Bloom?

Many customers ask why their hydrangeas aren't blooming. The primary reasons hydrangeas don't bloom are incorrect pruning, bud damage due to winter and/or early spring weather, location and too much fertilizer.

Full Article...

Iris Society Workshop and Rhizome Sale

Thanks to the SWM Iris Society for putting on such a great workshop this past Saturday.  We learned a lot of helpful information about bearded irises. If you missed it on Saturday, we will have bearded iris rhizomes available for sale until Saturday August 16th, 2014 at only $3.33 each. 

Full Article...

Cucumber Onion Salad Recipe

Cucumber Onion Salad is a classic summer side dish. This is a family-favorite that is perfect for many occasions as well as just for snacking. 

Full Article...

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