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Fall in Love

There's a crispness to the air today, and if you look carefully, you might even be able to catch a tinge of color at the tips of some of the trees.  While it may seem little early to talk about frost, we all know, Michigan weather can be quirky. As the days get shorter, I find myself checking the forecasts frequently while also getting a sense of things as I go for my evening walks. Is the sky cloudless and the wind minimal? Is there a chill in the air? Does it smell like frost?  Makes me think of a saying I read once...ordinary folks watch football while gardeners go on frost watch. So true! 

So are your homegrown tomatoes still plentiful and you want to see how they compare to others? Or maybe you didn't grow any tomatoes this year but are trying to decide which varieties to grow for next season. This Saturday, Kalamazoo In Bloom and MSU Master Gardeners are hosting a Fall Garden Affair  featuring a tomato taste-off as well as a farmer's market.  This is a free event that runs from 10 am until noon at the former Nazareth complex at 3299 Gull Rd. This is a great opportunity to try some different tomato varieties while voting for your favorites. They will even be demonstrating how to make Fried Green Tomatoes! Yum! The farmer's market can be a great opportunity to persuade your children to eat more vegetables, so have them pick out some beans or kale or beets or something that they’ve never tried before.  

Fall is a great time for planting.  In many ways, it's an even better time to plant than in the spring. So take advantage of the cooler temperatures along with the 30% off savings on all perennials & shrubs at Wenke Greenhouses.

Spring flowering bulbs have arrived and they are ready to plant now, so stop by soon to take advantage of the fresh selection! Spring blooming bulbs like tulips, daffodils, crocuses, and others need to be planted in fall for optimal spring results. These bulbs do best with a winter's chill before their bloom time, so by fall planting you allow them their needed chilling and plenty of time to settle in. We carry a wide variety of colorful spring bloomers that you will really enjoy after the gray days of winter!

And of course, mums are a favorite for fall decorating and the ones in the parking lot are on sale 8 for $18.  It's a great deal and quick way to show your fall colors or to spruce up for guests. And to spice things up even more we are offering a coupon for Buy 3 get 1 FREE Mums. This coupon is good for all mums inside the store, many of which already have multiple pricing discounts...making our great deals even better! Click the link to print it out or it is also available at the top of our website at www.wenkegreenhouses.com.

Looking for something to spruce up the inside of the house? All tropical plants are now 50% off while supplies last. We even have some for just $1 each!

And last, but certainly not least, I would like to take a moment to remember those lost on 9/11 and recognize the first responders as well as all the men and women who work hard to keep us all safe. Thank you and God Bless!

Open Monday - Saturday 9am -6pm all the way until Christmas! Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Laura Valence

Wenke Greenhouses

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Mums the word around here right now!

No doubt about it! Mums are the divas of the autumn garden. Mums can quickly and easily add beautiful fall colors to your home. Because of their tight, mounding habit and stunning bloom colors, garden mums are perfect for mass plantings. To get the maximum effect, stick to only one or two colors. You might also choose to arrange a gradual transition of related colors. It is best to look around your yard to see what colors would best complement the existing landscape and decor. 

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Green thumb or all thumbs, planting bulbs is a no brainer!

The first crocus or tulip poking through the ground, sometimes before the snow has fully melted, symbolizes spring for most of us. Before most other flowers have revived, spring bulbs can provide you with vibrant, cheery color just when you need it most and best of all bulbs can bloom year after year. A little effort now will reward you with a colorful display just when you need it most. 

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Inspire us with pictures of your garden

We’re itching to see what you are doing in your gardens. Did you build a new garden? Try something new? Or maybe you found a new favorite flower. Upload and share photos of your plants, flowers, gardens or even your favorite recipes and tips/tricks directly to our facebook page.

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What is frost, and what does it mean for your garden?

Ice crystals form at temperatures below 32°F, when water vapor condenses out of the air and settles on a cool surface, such as your garden beds or garden plants. Frost is just a frozen form of dew, and it damages plants by freezing the water inside the plant cells, which then burst and die.

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