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Divide and Conquer

While we may not be enjoying all this cool, wet weather; your plants are loving it. All this rain will help fortify them before their long winter's nap - although hopefully not too long, right? With the ground still nice and damp, this is the ideal time to dig up and divide your perennials if you feel it is needed.

Perennials should be divided only if (1) it has outgrown the available space or is taking more space than you would like or (2) it is not growing vigorously. When a perennial slows down flowering  and simply isn't growing as nicely as it did in the past or possibly the center of the clumps are hollow and dead, then it probably is in need of division. If the plants have fibrous roots (that kind of look like hair), just pull them apart. You may need to soak them in a bucket of water if they are covered in dirt and aren't separating very easily. If they have a thick root, you should cut it with a knife, making sure you have buds on each side. Now that you will have twice as many plants, you will have to either find new spots to plant them or give some to friends and neighbors.

Some of the best perennials to divide in the fall are Coneflower, Coreopsis, Dianthus, Galium, Daylilies, Heuchera, Iris, Beebalm, Catmint, Creeping Phlox, Black-Eyed Susans, Shasta Daisy and Tall Garden Phlox.  Enjoy your Sedums and Asters now and divide in the spring if necessary.  

Fall is a wonderful time to update your container gardens or start a new one using plants that prefer the cooler temperatures. Celebrate the beauty of autumn by filling your fall container garden with a variety of plants such as mums, pansies, grasses, or even colorful kale and cabbage. Pumpkins, gourds, dried colorful corn or corn stalks displayed next to your fall container will also add an extra splash of seasonal color. Wenke's has everything you need to create an amazing fall display! No time to make your own fall container garden? Wenke Greenhouses offers a large selection of pre-potted container gardens ready-made for you to take home today! 

I am excited that so many of you have been stopping in to take advantage of our Wacky Wednesday Sales! Since I usually work on Wednesdays, it has been a great way for me to meet so many of you - our wonderful customers. Thank you all for your great feedback. Be sure to introduce yourself if you haven't already. I would love to meet you.

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Dividing Perennials

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