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The Colors of Christmas

Raising two sons, I always used to wonder if they even noticed or cared about all the work I put into beautifying  our home and gardens. But over the years, it became apparent that they did and that it really did mean something to them.  In the early years, they would proudly draw  "Mom's beautiful gardens" when they had to draw pictures of our home at school.  As they got older, I would read about "Mom's beautiful gardens" in a report that they had to write about me or our family. But most recently, my heart was warmed when my oldest son, who recently moved to South Carolina and will soon be purchasing his first home, mentioned that I would need to come stay with him for a couple of months to work "my magic" and make his home as beautiful as our family home.  I don't know about the "couple of months" part but I definitely want to get him off to a good start. And what fun it will be to learn about gardening in a totally different zone! He told me I would love it there because there are lots of garden centers. I guess he knows me too well!

I love to decorate my home for Christmas with a combination of lights, live plants and cut greens. Live plants and cut greens are the perfect combination to bring my home to life in a season when the outdoor garden has closed down. Christmas Cactus are a holiday favorite and mine is in full bloom right now! It is something I look forward to every year.  It didn't take long for me to create several porch pots with fresh greens this weekend -  a couple for my home and a couple for my mom.  We are both ready to greet holiday guests!

Want to make a porch pot yourself but not sure where to start? There is still time to sign up for our Create a Holiday Porch Pot workshop this Saturday at 11:00 am.  We will walk you through the simple steps  to create your own masterpiece. Cost is $30 payable at the workshop. Register on our website or call 269-388-2266 for more info. If creating your own planter sounds too daunting, Wenke has some beautiful planters already arranged for you or feel free to bring in your own planter and Michele can design a spectacular one just for you.

Recently, I saw something posted to Facebook warning that poinsettias are poisonous. I wanted to share this because it is common around Christmas time for people to warn one another about the alleged toxicity of poinsettias. The great news is they’re beautiful, they're safe and they shout Christmas! 

The store is brimming with poinsettias of all colors, shapes and sizes! While many prefer the classic colors of red, white and pink, there is a high demand for the dyed and shimmery foliage of these painted poinsettias which are available in amazing hues of blue, purple, orange and pink.  While researching the history of painted poinsettias, I learned that Wenke Greenhouses played a big part in bringing them to Kalamazoo. 

We also are offering a coupon for $10 off a $40 purchase and one for a free bow with the purchase of one of our fresh wreaths. Click the link to print it out or it is also available at the top of our website at www.wenkegreenhouses.com.

Stop by for a cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate and a bag of fresh popcorn while enjoying some Free Christmas Spirit! Open Monday - Saturday 9am -6pm all the way until Christmas Eve! Be sure to like us on Facebook to keep up with sales and events in the store


Laura Valence

Wenke Greenhouses

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Painted Poinsettias and their Colorful History

About 13 years ago, painted poinsettias made a striking entrance into holiday decorating and have remained very popular. Some want their poinsettias to match the colors in their house while some want to reflect their team loyalty. And then there are some that simply think it’s about time orange and purple got their holiday due. 

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Decorating with Cut Greens

Cut greens are perfect for bringing any home to life in a season when the garden is closing down. Cold weather or not, we still use our entryways, front doors and driveways and it is important to keep these places welcoming, not just for others but for our own sense of wellbeing.

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Despite their toxic reputation, poinsettias are not poisonous!

No plant is more closely associated with Christmas than the poinsettia. It is celebrated for its beauty but also feared for its toxicity. For years, poinsettias have had the bad reputation of being poisonous. However, poinsettias have undergone extensive testing and there is no evidence that they are toxic or unsafe to have in the house.

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Do you know the Legend of the Poinsettia?

The one thing that always heralds the arrival of the festive season for me is when we start receiving Poinsettias.   Poinsettias are prefect for bringing Christmas into your home with their long lasting red bracts that work great in any décor setting.  They also make the ideal living gift for that person that you never know what to get for Christmas. This enchanting legend of the poinsettia dates back several centuries, to a Christmas Eve in Mexico when a little girl named Pepita had no gift to present to the Christ child at Christmas Eve Service.

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