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When does the snow stop being fun for you?

“…there’s just something beautiful about walking on snow that nobody else has walked on. It makes you believe you’re special...”

~Carol Rifka Brunt


When does the snow stop being fun for you? It started losing its luster for me a couple weeks ago. I am quickly growing weary of shoveling it, walking in it and driving in it. But it appears to be here to stay for a while so I figured I better find a reason to appreciate it and stop cursing all that snow blanketing my garden!


Do you know that snow is actually very beneficial for your garden? Snow is an excellent insulator - which is probably why it is called a "blanket" of snow. A good blanket of snow provides a layer of insulation that prevents the ground from freezing and thawing as winter temperatures and weather conditions fluctuate.  This insulating effect helps protect roots from these frigid temperatures and keeps them dormant while clearing  the way for healthy spring re-growth. Knowing there is a benefit to all this white stuff helps me tolertate the snow just a little bit longer for the sake of all those wonderful plants out in my garden. 

Looking for something to help your spring fever this weekend? Wenke's rose expert, Larry Hill, along with Joyce Latta will be doing a presentation "Fragrant English Roses for Michigan Gardens", beginning at 1:00 PM Saturday at the Southwest Michigan Home, Garden and Leisure Show.  Read More


Are you interested in working at Wenke Greenhouses this season? Or maybe you know someone who might be interested? I know it is hard to believe with all the snow on the ground, but we are gearing up for the season and are starting to take applications for seasonal employees for the retail store. We are looking for people who enjoy helping others, have a positive attitude and don’t mind working hard. Plant knowledge if helpful but not required. Check out the article in the Now Accepting Applications section for more information.


We have several interesting classes, workshops and events planned for April. They include a tour of our production facility, worm composting, wine tasting and new variety event and a couple of our very popular container garden workshops.  Registration for these events is now available on our website in the Classes and Events section. We will continue to add new classes - so check back often! We hope you find something that piques your interest! 


Are you looking for a Fundraising Opportunity? At Wenke Greenhouses, we love nurturing plants and our community. We offer three easy ways to help you raise money for your organization. We are  limited to 15 organizations per season so please contact us soon if you are interested.  Read More


If the weather cooperates, we anticipate opening the garden center April 1st with cheerful spring annuals, perennials and vegetables. We are looking forward to seeing you all real soon!


I hope that all of you stay safe and warm.  I will be counting down the 29 days until the official start of spring!


Laura Valence

Wenke Greenhouses

Where the Earth Laughs in Flowers


Now Accepting Applications for Seasonal Work

We are currently accepting applications for exceptional team members at our retail location!  Looking for cashiers, stockers and customer service people who enjoy flowers, helping people and physical work.  The application is in the read more section. To be eligible, you must be willing to work Saturday and/or Sunday every week from April - Mid June. The minimum age is 16. Our season slows down after Mid-June and so most of the positions end in June. Please visit our location at 2525 N 30th St, Kalamazoo MI 49048 for an application if you are not able to use the one attached.

Full Article...

All about Roses with Larry"The Rose Guy"

Wenke's rose expert, Larry Hill, along with Joyce Latta will be doing a presentation"Fragrant English Roses for Michigan Gardens", beginning at 1:00 PM Saturday at the Southwest Michigan Home, Garden and Leisure Show at the Mendel Center of Lake Michigan College, 2755 East Napier Avenue, Benton Harbor, MI 49022. 

Both Larry and Joyce are very passionate about roses and have a wealth of information to share with all of you. Larry (VP) and Joyce (Treasurer) are both currently serving as Officers of Southwest Michigan Celebration of Roses. 

Full Article...

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