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Summer Pricing has arrived at Wenke Greenhouses

As the growing season goes into full throttle in July, it is time to literally enjoy the fruits of our labor. The perennial garden is ablaze with summer color and texture, allowing me to cut cheerful bouquets that brighten up the kitchen, bath and hallway. In the veggie garden, we harvested our garlic and are now waiting for it to cure; we picked our first couple cucumbers and I even noticed a few early tomatoes turning red. Mmmm…I can’t wait for fresh tomatoes! 

Speaking of tomatoes, I’m always on the lookout for blossom-end rot. This disorder causes tomatoes to turn black on the blossom end. It occurs when there are extremes changes in soil moisture that result in a calcium deficiency in the fruit. When tomatoes are watered following a dry spell, the roots cannot take up calcium fast enough to keep up with the rapid fruit growth.

How to prevent blossom-end rot:

  1. Keep moisture levels uniform by regular watering and by maintaining a mulch layer around the base of the plants.

  2. Maintain a pH between 6 and 6.5 and an adequate calcium level by liming or applying gypsum. I also use crushed egg shells.

  3. Finally, avoid over fertilizing, which can inhibit calcium uptake.

If you haven’t already, be sure to pinch back the tips of your fall-blooming garden mums. Pinching increases the number of blooms and produces bushier plants. While you’re at it, cut back late-summer flowering plants such as asters, Joe-pye weed and heliopsis to about one-third their height. This will give them a fuller and more compact growth habit without you having to bind them to keep them from toppling over.

The summer is when many perennials are looking their best both in the garden and at our store. Be sure to stop in to check out the wonderful selection of perennials, as well as the shrubs and roses, available in the store.  Perennials, trees and shrubs (including roses) are now 30% off. We have a great selection available and as well as a new shipment arriving this week.

Are you planning a BBQ with friends and want to quickly decorate your patio?  Maybe your patio pots or hanging baskets are in need of a little pick-me-up?  Whatever the reason, now is a great time to stop in at Wenke Greenhouses to find the plants to make it happen. We have fresh annuals and beautiful hanging baskets available throughout the store that are now 50% off making many of these beautiful hanging baskets just $9.00! Hurry in for best selection!

Just a reminder that our Wacky Wednesday Sales will return in September. We are working on some great deals for you this fall! Stay tuned for more info!

We're open all summer and look forward to having you stop by.  Open Monday - Saturday 9 - 6.

Laura Valence

Wenke Greenhouses

Where the Earth Laughs in Flowers 

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