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November Greetings!

Since there hasn't been much to do in the garden lately, my husband and I decided to venture to the theater to see "The Martian". If you haven't seen the movie, the story follows an astronaut that gets stranded on Mars and has to survive until NASA figures out a way to come back for him. He is able to survive because he figures out a way to grow potatoes on Mars, which is not an easy task. And, of course, although the odds are stacked against him, he manages to grow an entire crop. This just goes to show, if you put your mind to something, that anything can be accomplished and that growing your own food is actually much simpler than it sounds. All you really need is a few square feet of the great outdoors, a water source, and a little determination. 

While the weather outside is soon to be frightful, we don't have to give up on growing things. Flowers and foliage outside sure are great, but inside, their beauty is even more delightful. We all know that fresh air is a must for good health and indoor plants are one of the simplest ways of creating a healthy indoor environment.  Indoor plants can also increase positive feelings and reduce stress, fear, and anger.  And if indoor plants do indeed lower stress levels, there is no better time than the holidays—those stressful, demanding holidays—to spruce up a room with something green. I know that watching my "Thanksgiving cactus" bloom has really helped boost my mood this past week and the blooms will only get more abundant as the holidays approach. I even have an amaryllis that is starting to open. Having these, along with all my other summer rescues, really helps me get through all those cloudy winter days.

Are your bulbs all planted? Many flower bulbs can go in the ground surprisingly late, but what they can’t do is sit forgotten in your garage all winter. Get those bulbs in the ground now before the snow flies tomorrow.

Miniature or fairy gardening is still one of the fastest growing trends in gardening right now! Kids of all ages enjoy making miniature gardens. A fairy garden is a great way to set up a magical gardening experience for children. They will enjoy creating and playing and hopefully find themselves immersed in the magical miniature garden for countless hours of play. This could be a great parent/child project for the holidays. A miniature garden can be any size or shape ranging from sprawling gardens to a tiny flower pot. The main ingredients you need to create a fairy garden? Imagination, creativity and a pinch of time and you'll have a mesmerizing unique miniature garden before you know it. Click here for some amazing miniature garden ideas on Pinterest!

So you've made your list, but have you checked it twice? Christmas will be here before you know it. A Wenke Greenhouses Gift Certificate will brighten anyone's day with thoughts of spring! Moms, teachers and co-workers love them! Wenke gift certificates are always welcome by the gardener or homeowner on your list and are available in any denomination with no expiration date. Although the retail store is closed, gift certificates are still available. Because I am not in the office on a consistent basis, the best way to contact me would be to email your name and phone number to laura@wenkegreenhouses.com. I check my email most weekdays and will get back to you to find out denomination and payment info. For your safety, please do not email me your credit card info.

We are currently planning classes, events, workshops as well as placing orders for spring 2016. If you ever have any questions, comments or suggestions, I would love to hear from you. Please email me at laura@wenkegreenhouses.com.

We hope you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Laura Valence

Wenke Greenhouses

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All about Roses with Larry"The Rose Guy"

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Indoor Plants to Improve Health and Reduce Stress while Brightening your Home for the Holidays

Indoor plants bring welcome warm touches of life to enclosed, stuffy rooms and soothe us with their visual impact.

If you'd like to add a touch of "green" to your home, here are some beautiful plants that will fit right in with the rest of your Christmas decorations and brighten the holidays. Whether purchased for yourself or as gifts for teachers, special friends, or someone who can’t get out much anymore, the colorful blooms sing silent songs of joy. Use them for decorating by bunching them together in groups of reds, pinks, and whites. Place in the entry way, on the dining table, or anywhere that could use a spot of Christmas color. Dwarf Alberta spruce make ideal miniature Christmas trees perfect for those who don't have room for a big tree. 

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