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A Great Selection of Flowers for Spring Planting

Volume 8, Issue 1      May, 2008

Memorial Day is traditionally the start of a slower season for us at Wenke Greenhouses. However, the cooler than normal temperatures in Michigan during the month of May have kept a lot of gardeners out of their gardens. The good news is that we still have a full assortment of annuals, perennials, vegetables and more to choose from and it's more enjoyable to plant in the cooler weather as compared to the heat we had last year.

I hope you enjoy this month's e-newsletter. We look forward to seeing you in the store over the next couple of weeks.



Lisa Wenke Ambrosio
Owner and Retail Store Manager

PS A frost advisory has been issued for tonight, May 27, for many areas, don't forget to cover your plants tonight to protect them from the cold.

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