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Lettuce Help You Get Ready for Fall!

Alas, summer is in its final stretch, and most of what we are doing in the garden this time of year is maintenance or harvest. Most vegetable gardeners, like me, are discovering that their zucchini are growing faster than the national debt and most have counters full of tomatoes that are multiplying faster than can be eaten! And, I don’t know about you, but I am weary of dragging a hose or carrying a watering can around. It does seem like the heat and drought have subsided -  although my rain barrels are bone dry right now and I suppose it remains to be seen about the heat.

So, while we don’t really want summer to end, it’s nice to contemplate that the fall planting season is just around the corner.  The “cool season” vegetables have arrived and are ready for planting. Lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard and herbs love the cool fall weather and will really thrive. If you plant these in containers that can be covered or moved under a covered porch during fear of frost, then you may be able to extend your growing season by many weeks if not a few months. I am getting ready to plant some romaine and spinach. Nothing’s easier or more rewarding to grow than lettuce or spinach since it can be harvested within weeks of planting. Cool weather veggies are easy to grow even for the novice gardener making fall a great time to start. Stop in and see us today!

Fall color has arrived! We have mums, pansies (we have a few colors right now but will be getting more varieties next week), ornamental cabbage and kale as well as cool loving annuals perfect for fall decorating. Are your hanging baskets looking tired? We just received some fresh baskets - now only $14.99.

And don't forget about our Summer Sizzler SALE still going on in the store through the end of the week -30% off all perennials, shrubs and trees in stock. All roses, succulents and tropical plants are now 50% off while supplies last. Pottery and hard goods are 25% off. We even have a few flats of annuals left – marigolds, impatiens and celosia – now only $2 a flat! WOW! 

Be on the lookout for goldenrods, asters and sedums blooming in the next few weeks. These late summer/early fall bloomers really attract butterflies to your garden.  So many of us have gardens that are skewed to spring and early summer bloom, because that’s when we do most of our shopping, and we tend to buy plants when they are in flower.  But if you really want to attract butterflies, look for plants that flower from mid-summer on. We have a fresh shipment of fall perennials arriving tomorrow...

Speaking of butterflies – Please join us on Thursday, September 29th at 6pm for our quick class Take a monarch to lunch, plant milkweed!. Ilse Gephard, a Monarch Watch Conservation has made it a personal mission for several years to do what she can to help monarchs survive. Ilse will share information about nectar and host plants as well as safe growing practices for a monarch friendly garden. Attendees will receive a packet of milkweed seed to get their garden started. Sign up today. The class if free and feel free to bring a friend or two!

If you have roses, you don't want to miss Larry's article to learn what you should be doing - or not doing - in your rose garden right now.

Open Monday - Saturday 9 – 6 (closed Labor Day).  Lots of reasons to stop in! Be sure to like us on Facebook to keep up with sales and events in the store.

Enjoy your last few weeks of summer1

Laura Valence

Wenke Greenhouses

Where the Earth Laughs in Flowers

Succulents: Beautiful and Indestructible

Succulents are booming in popularity for two simple reasons: they are beautiful and nearly indestructible. 

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All about Roses with Larry"The Rose Guy"

“Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.” ~ Alphonse Karr

Learn All About Roses from Larry Hill. Larry loves talking about roses and sharing his knowledge and love of roses with others.

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Mums the word around here right now!

No doubt about it! Mums are the divas of the autumn garden. Mums can quickly and easily add beautiful fall colors to your home. Because of their tight, mounding habit and stunning bloom colors, garden mums are perfect for mass plantings. To get the maximum effect, stick to only one or two colors. You might also choose to arrange a gradual transition of related colors. It is best to look around your yard to see what colors would best complement the existing landscape and decor. 

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Perennials for Fall Interest

Fall can be just as exciting as any other time in the growing season. As the days get cooler and the nights get longer, many plants are energized and triggered into their glory. The contrast of autumn perennials amongst falling leaves can be magnificent. When a fall perennial looks its best will depend on the variety, its location and the type of weather we are experiencing.

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Pesto-Parmesan Baked Tomatoes

Use up those homegrown summer tomatoes with these roasted tomatoes topped with pesto and shredded Parmesan cheese. So easy to make and only 3 ingredients! These would be perfect served as a side with grilled chicken or fish, or even with a simple pasta with garlic and oil.

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