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Autumn Greetings!

Happy Fall, Y’all! Yep, today is the official start of fall. It’s kind of hard to believe when we are still dealing with July temperatures, isn’t it? But it looks like more seasonable weather is on its way. I’m really looking forward to some crisp fall days.

I finally had a chance to get out in my garden this past weekend. I replaced my tired hanging baskets with fresh ones and removed a lot of my spent annuals. I am working to refresh my gardens with mums, flowering cabbage and kale, pansies, snapdragon, cyclamen and more. These plants love the cooler weather of fall and as an added bonus, the color of flowering cabbage and kale actually intensify as the weather gets colder especially after a frost.

We’ve got the spectacular colors of fall available in our store right now! Pumpkins, gourds and cornstalks have arrived. The girls in the store have done a spectacular job of decorating the store. Stop in and be inspired. Mums are a favorite for fall decorating and the ones in the parking lot are still on sale 8 for $20. These mums have been reduced due to shape, size or maturity. It's a great deal and quick way to show your fall colors or to spruce up for guests. And to spice things up even more we are offering a coupon for $10 off a $40 purchase. Click the link to print it out or it is also available at the top of our website at www.wenkegreenhouses.com. You can also just show it to us on your smart phone.

It's time to plant spring flowering bulbs! Yes, they are a delayed satisfaction, but flowering bulbs are such nice spring surprises. You’ll be glad you did. We carry a wide variety of colorful spring bloomers that you will really enjoy after the gray days of winter! And now bulbs are even easier with the Easy Bloom Pads: dig, drop, done!

We have a couple of great classes this fall. Join us this next Thursday, Sept 29th at 6pm for our free class Take a Monarch to Lunch, Plant Milkweed! to learn about nectar and host plants as well as safe growing practices for a monarch friendly garden. Attendees will also receive a packet of milkweed seed to get their garden started. Want to attract bluebirds to your yard? Then sign up for our free quick class Helping Bluebirds Survive and Thrive in Michigan on Thursday, Oct 6th at 6pm. Learn what is needed to provide the ideal habitat for bluebirds and how to maintain their nest boxes. Register early as these will fill up quickly!

There’s still time to plant! In fact, fall is the best time to plant. Perennials, trees and shrubs are 30% off and Roses are 50% off while supplies last. Maybe you’re looking to spruce up the inside of the house? All tropical plants are now 50% off while supplies last. Still a great selection available.

Open Monday - Saturday 9 – 6 all the way to the end of October. Lots of reasons to stop in! Be sure to like us on Facebook to keep up with sales and events in the store.

Laura Valence

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