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Gardening and Touring in June

Volume 10, Issue 1      June, 2008

June is the time of year when we start to see all the hard work we've put into our gardens start to show.

Regular fertilizing is important to keep your gardens producing healthy plants and beautiful flowers.

June is also when we start planning for next year. Please take a moment to participate in our short survey. We enjoy hearing from you and value your opinions.



Lisa Wenke Ambrosio
Owner and Retail Manager

Fertilizing Over the Summer

Your plants will thank you if you give them some fertilizer this summer!  Keep your plants looking their best and growing strong by adding fertilizer every 2-4 weeks this summer.  Free liquid fertilizer is always available at Wenke Greenhouses.  Bring in your own milk jugs or cat litter jugs or something with a top and fill up with our ready-to-use fertilizer.  It's the same kind we use in the greenhouse and your plants will love it! 

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New Perennials Now at Our Store

Orchids Native to Michigan
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Garden Reward Program

Redeem Your Points
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Plants Add Happiness

Good Neighbor Day Participants
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Your Opinion Matters to Us

Please Email Me Your Comments
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Upcoming Regional Gardening Events

Plant Sales and Tours to Support Non-Profit Organizations
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