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Top Performers of the Summer and Fall Garden Care

Volume 13, Issue 1      October, 2008

In this month's newsletter we are including tips on how to winterize your gardens, care for your hydrangeas and new approaches to recycling plant containers.

Fall is a great time to be in the garden. I hope you are getting a chance to enjoy being outside before the cold. We still have a great selection of discount perennials, shrubs that are 25% off, pansies that survive the winter and spring flowering bulbs.

We look forward to seeing soon.



Lisa Wenke Ambrosio
Owner and Store Manager

Plant Performance Review

The Best of 2008
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Winterizing Your Garden, Part One

Caring for Your Flower Gardens as the winter season approaches. 

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Hydrange Care Part One

Why Doesn't my Hydrangea Bloom? Reasons #1 and #2
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Hydrange Care Part Two

Why Doesn't my Hydrangea Bloom? Reasons #3 and #4
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Plants Add Happiness

Recycling Your Plastic Containers
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Quick Classes and Upcoming Winter Arrangement Workshop

Have Fun with Holiday Decorating
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