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Volume 16, Issue 1      December, 2008

Christmas Cart Sale at Wenke Greenhouses!

I recently learned that our sister company in Georgia will be sending thousands of poinsettias to Wenke Greenhouses with the hope that we can help them sell their extras. A cart sale seemed like just the answer. People seem to love our Cart Sale in July so we thought we would try it at Christmas too.

Fill the top shelf of your shopping cart with all the poinsettias you can. We tried it and expect you'll be able to fit five of the 6.5" size plants and four of the 9" size plants on a cart. Our normal retail price would be $40 plus $56 for the above mentioned combination. However during the Christmas Cart Sale, what would normally cost $96 is only $40.

The poinsettias are in excellent condition, these aren't damaged plants. There are red, pink, white, salmon, glittered, jingle bells, winter rose, marbled leaved and painted plants (white poinsettias with colored floral paint applied to leaves) to select from.

If you don't need a cart of poinsettias, we have florist quality poinsettias in 6.5 inch pots on sale for $4.99/each and poinsettias in 9 inch pots on sale for $9.99/each.

Do stop in and take advantage of either our Christmas Cart Sale or the sale prices on individual poinsettia plants. Either way it is a great savings for you.

Happy Holidays!



Lisa Wenke Ambrosio
Owner and Retail Store Manager

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