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Celebrate and Remember

Memorial Day is a time for both celebrating and remembering.  Decorate a picnic table with a red, white and blue Picnic Pot.  Show you remember with a geranium patio pot at the gravesite.  Wenke Greenhouses will be open Memorial Day from 9-4.

Some of you may remember my grandparents who were very involved with our business for many years.  Effie Boven was known for enjoying talking to everyone who came into the store and for her dog Troubles.  Chris was known for his passion for growing the perfect tomatoes and cannas.  They were important people in my life and I hope to always remember them. 


Wenke Greenhouses will be open Memorial Day from 9-4. 


Wishing you the best.


Lisa Wenke Ambrosio

4" Wave Petunias: Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

The 4” Wave Petunia Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale will be continuing through Saturday, May 29th. Double up on the beauty in your yard!

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Memorial Day: Celebrate and Remember

Memorial Day Picnic Pots make great hostess gifts!  Click the "read more" button below to see our patriotic window boxes and patio pots for grave sites


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Featured Perennial: Rudbeckia (Black Eyed Susan)

This is one of the best performing perennials and a favorite for many gardeners everywhere.

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Pleasure Gardening with You

It's been a pleasure gardening with you this spring! Our daughter is following in her grandparent's footsteps, enjoying helping customers in our garden center.


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