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Time to Use those Reward Points!

You’ve accumulated those reward points all spring and now you can start using them!  Plus, prices have been reduced on all annuals so your money goes a long way.  As a reminder, you earned $1 for every $25 that you spent and you can use this money on anything in the store anytime between now and Christmas.  See article for more details.

The much anticipated, always enjoyed, famous cart sale starts Tuesday, July 6th at noon for all Garden Reward Members (which you are if you are getting this email).  The cart sale will be open to everyone starting Wednesday, July 7th.    See article for more details.  Note that reward points can not be used for the cart sale.  

Enjoy!  And thank you for coming to Wenke Greenhouses.


Lisa Ambrosio

Time to use your Reward Points!

Reward points can be redeemed now through Christmas.  


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Famous Cart Sale

I hear comments about the cart sale all the time.  People seem to really enjoy getting so many plants for such a small price.  

If you have not been to one before, the basic idea is that you select plants from the shipping racks in the parking lot that we loaded with a wide assortment of annuals and vegetables.  It’s great fun!!  There is plenty for everyone.  


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