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Spring is Coming Soon!

We have turned the calendar to March!  It won't be long now.  We're looking forward to spring and hope you are too.  Our production greenhouse on 30th Street is full of plants now and we're starting to see color.  You're invited to come tour and learn about how we grow all these beautiful plants on Saturday, April 9th at 10 AM.  We'll send more information about this later but save the date if you're interested. 

We're starting to take applications for seasonal employees for the retail store.  We look for people who  enjoy helping others, have a positive attitude and don't mind working hard.  Plant knowledge is helpful but not required.  Please send an email to judy@wenkegreenhouses.com to get an application.  Min. age is 16 years old and most jobs are from April - June. 

Fundraiser certificates are also available now.  Selling Wenke Greenhouse certificates is an easy way to earn money for your organization.  We print $10 certificates with your logo.  For more information, please email me at lisa@wenkegreenhouses.com.

Have a great March!

Lisa Ambrosio

Wenke Greenhouses


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Quick Classes Spring 2011 at Wenke Greenhouses

Quick Classes are Free and generally only take an hour of time.  We enjoy sharing information and hope you can participate in one or more this spring. 

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The Year of the Vegetable Garden

Vegetables and vegetable gardening is good for you.  It's especially good for kids.  The following are some of the highlights from an article that was written by Mr. Ball, chairman of the Atlee Burpee Co, that was in the Wall Street Journal January 3, 2011. 

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