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All About Color

Selecting flowers for around the mailbox or in a patio pot is all about color.  I was finally able to get some of my own planting done this past weekend.  I found myself walking around the store looking for a plant that would be a certain color, a certain height and a certain type of sun - but the color was the foundation.  What fun it was to decide which ones to try and which ones would look good together.  I have the wonderful job of helping others select their plants most every day.  But I have to admit that selecting plants for my own gardens was pretty fun too!  I ended up with a purple/pink theme around the mailbox, a dark purple / yellow theme in a flower bed in front of the house and a purple/white theme in a flower pot on the deck.  Purple seems to be my color this summer! 

There's still time to make your own beautiful, colorful patio pots and flower gardens this summer.  Our selection is still really good and now we have some great deals going.  Most annual prices have been reduced including... 

  • Hanging Baskets are buy 1 get 1 free.  Baskets add instant color when hanging or take them out of the basket to plant in the ground or a patio pot to make an immediate splash. 
  •  Gerbera Daisies are now $1.49 each or 8 for $10.  Daisies have irresistible blooms. 
  •  4" Wave Petunias are now $1.49 each.  With an easy to care for and spreading habit, we know why Waves are so popular!
  •  Bedding Flats are now only $9.99. 

We look forward to you visiting us soon and letting us help you add color to your life. 

Lisa Ambrosio

Wenke Greenhouses

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Recycling is Good for Everyone!

Did you know you can bring back all your plastic pots and carry trays to Wenke Greenhouses and we recycle them?  We always have a cart or a bin in the corner of the parking lot available for you to put your plastic anytime.  Our motto is “The Earth Laughs in Flowers” so recycling is a service we’re happy to offer.  We reuse some of the items and anything we can't reuse, we recycle through East Jordan in South Haven, MI because they specialize in horticulture recycling.  It's a win-win for everyone!  Learn more about the process in the read more section. 



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Cora Vinca

You may have heard about this terrific vinca before. It's been around just a couple of years – just long enough that we have learned the benefits and are now comfortable promoting. This series of vinca has the ability to withstand the tribulations of aerial phytophthora – a disease that can quickly wipe out regular vinca...

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Color Meanings

Colors are full of emotion and meaning.  According to the website www.gemstonegifts.com  "The colors we choose are not arbitrary but have personal meaning for us".  I enjoyed reading about colors and thought you might too.  

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