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Perennials 3 for 10

School's out and summer's in.  Enjoy!  It's a great time to relax and experience the beauty of being around flowers. 

We have some new specials starting this week including all Wenke 1/2 gallon perennials are now 3 for $10.  It's a great deal and June is a good time to freshen up your perennial gardens.  Select from early to mid to late blooming varieties to have color all summer long. 

Tropicals in gallon pots are now on sale for only $5.99 each (reg. $17.99).  I'm not quite sure how we grew so many extra this year but we did.  That makes it a great opportunity for you to try something new and experience the dramatic look that comes from tropicals. 

Fabulous Ferns is the topic of our Quick Class Thursday, June 16th from 6-7.  You'll be amazed at the textures and colors and habits that ferns offer.  The featured perennial starting Thursday is ferns so all are 25% off (not including Wenke 1/2 gallon sizes). 

For anyone interested in seeing my first attempts at YouTube videos, take a look at them by going to our Facebook site.  I don't expect to have any movie offers any time soon, but it was fun to do! 

Our last Good Neighbor Day for the season is Thursday, June 16 from 12-6.  If your local, non-profit organization can benefit from our extra flowers and vegetables, call to register to attend.  269-388-2266 or email retailinfo@wenkegreenhouses.com.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Lisa Ambrosio

Wenke Greenhouses

Where the Earth Laughs in Flowers!


Ensete - The Dramatic Tropical

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Fabulous Ferns

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