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Fall Color helps Gull Lake Grad Bash

Fall is all about color!  And it’s not just the trees that have the great colors.  Fabulous fall color for your home can also be found at Wenke Greenhouses.  And today though Saturday, October 8th, 20% of your purchase can go to support the Gull Lake Grad Bash when requested at the time of purchase.

Patio Pots for your porch or deck are a great way to enjoy the fall colors at home.  I refreshed the patio pot that I can see from the window by my kitchen sink a few days ago and now - I ALMOST enjoy doing the dishes!  We have plenty of already made patio pots to choose from or  take advantage of our "One price for everything you want, Make-n-Take  container option".   You're welcome to stop in anytime to plant your own.  Or here's an idea...  Pick a time this weekend and meet your friends at the store to have your own Fall Color Planting Party.  You can select from our pottery (50% off)or bring your own. 

Have you decorated your pumpkin yet?  I just can't help but smile when I see this cute decorating idea.  (I hope you're able to see the picture of the tin turkey pumpkin)  This is my kind of pumpkin carving!

 Our fall Good Neighbor Day where we give away our extra plants to non-profit groups is scheduled for Thursday, October 13th from 12-6.  Register by calling 269-388-2266 or email retailinfo@wenkegreenhouses.com

Enjoy the Fall Colors!

Lisa Ambrosio

Wenke Greenhouses

Metal Work by Kathy Kreager

It's not every day that you get to know a famous artist but Kathy Kreager is just that in my opinion!  We're fortunate to have some of her metal, garden art pieces at our store this month. 

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Flowers Make You Feel Good

The research is done and the information is clear.  All of us who like to play in the garden knew this before but that's ok.  Flowers just make people feel better. 

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Bloomerang Lilacs

Fall 2009

Bloomerang Lilacs are hard to find to because so many people want them.  They're known for their long lasting, fragrant blooms.  It's been hard to keep them in stock in the spring so we were happy to get some this fall.   

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