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Spring is in the Air!

It won't be long now!  Just a few more weeks before the warmer weather and hopefully some sunshine will be here.  We're getting ready at Wenke Greenhouses and looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.  Our sign says we're opening April 15th but we'll likely open the doors a little sooner if the weather is good for pansies.  If you're interested in doing a fundraiser or working at Wenke Greenhouses, take a look at the articles below. 

If you just can't wait to see some flowers, join us for a tour of our production greenhouse on Saturday, March 24th from 9-10:30.  Everyone is welcome including families, gardeners, grandparents and more.  Just email me to let me know how many are coming (lisa@wenkegreenhouses.com).  No charge.  If we have more than 30 people, we'll add a second tour later in the morning.  Hope to see you then. 

See you soon!

Lisa Ambrosio

Wenke Greenhouses - Where the Earth Laughs in Flowers!



One of my favorite new plants is Supercal.  It's the great garden performance and the beautiful flowers that makes me really excited about this plant. 

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How We Produce the Beautiful Flowers

Ever wonder how we all the different types of flowers that can be found at our store?   You're welcome to join us for a tour of our production greenhouses Saturday, March 24th from 9:00-10:30.  We have enjoyed having many people come through over the years and all are welcome again.  To join the tour, email lisa@wenkegreenhouses.com.  For a very general summary of the production process, read more. 

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Nine Things Successful People Do Differently

The title caught my eye and the article was interesting so I thought I would share it with everyone.  Honestly, I'm not even sure where I got the article since I don't normally read this.  Maybe somebody who knows me gave me a copy?  No matter how I found it, it helped me get excited about setting some goals for myself and getting started.  Hope you enjoy it too.    

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Fundraising Opportunities

Earning money for your non-profit organization is easy with Wenke Greenhouses "Wenke Bucks."  We'd love to help your local organization! Certificates to Wenke Greenhouses are easy to sell and easy to manage. 

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Now Hiring! 2012

Are you interested in working at Wenke Greenhouses?  We're now taking applications for cashier, stocking and customer service positions.  Plant knowledge is helpful but not required.  Most positions will start in April and be finished in June.  The Read More section has some additional information. 

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