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Plant Inspiration from Wenke Greenhouses

Are you missing that wonderful March weather?  We are too but being around all the beautiful flowers in the greenhouse helps.  You're welcome to stop in and enjoy the inspiration too! 

Quick Classes are every Thursday night from 6-7.  Tonight is on peonies which are also the featured perennial through Sunday and are 25% off.  Asiatic Lilies are the next featured perennial (through May 6th).  Asiatic lilies have stunning flowers and make excellent cut flowers too.  Next week's Quick Class, May 3rd, is actually the popular New Variety & Wine Tasting Event from 6-8.  Enjoy learning about the new varieties available this spring while also tasting some great Michigan wines from Lemon Creek Winery.  Please register on our website or call 269-388-2266.   All are welcome. 

 Hope to see you soon.

Lisa Ambrosio

Wenke Greenhouses

Where the Earth Laughs in Flowers!

Container Gardening Made Easy

Container Gardens add a lot of beauty without the need to get down on your knees to plant.  This Saturday, April 28th, Pride is hosting a container gardening class and workshop as a fundraiser from 9-11.  All are welcome to attend.  If you can't make the class but want some information, take a look at the read more section with our Wenke Wisdom for how to plant your own container gardens.  It's fun to do and very rewarding. 

In addition, we have hundreds of container gardens planted and available to look at for ideas or to purchase or you can ask us to custom plant your containers for you.  Almost as many options for planting as there are colorful plants to select from! 


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Verbena Lanai Twister Pink

It's a Twister!  This fun verbena color is outstanding.  Mix it with a bright rose geranium and you've got a winning combination.  This new variety is one of our favorites this year. 

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Bloomerang Lilacs - They Rebloom!

Lilacs are the beautiful shrubs that are popular here in Michigan because of their beauty and their fragrance.  Not many are blooming yet in Michigan but it won't be long and you'll see the pretty blue / purplish flowers all around.  And now, the new Bloomerangs are available!  This variety is especially popular because they bloom more than just once during the season.  The tag says "Enjoy lilac flowers for months instead of weeks!  Lilac flowers appear in spring like other lilacs, then again later in the summer."


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