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Young Plants

Plugs and liners for greenhouse growers

Young Plants

Wenke / Sunbelt Greenhouses is proud to offer plugs and liners to greenhouse growers. We strive to provide the quality you expect and the customer service you need to be Your Preferred Supplier.

We offer:

Branded Product Offering: A Cut Above Flower Fields Goldfisch Geraniums Goldfisch Annuals Simply Beautiful Suntory Open Product Offering: Non-Patented Liners Bedding Plant Plugs Specialty Annual Plugs Niche' Offering: Grasses Herbs Succulents Tropicals Easy Ordering Packages: Combination Planters EasyScape for Landscapers Plug-n-Ship Bedding Flats

For more information, contact Trish Page at 269-349-7882 or e-mail her directly at

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